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How faith inspires climate action. How we inspire each other in love for our planet
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From one of our early working documents - your words pasted in for now.

Fundamental spiritual values across faiths and belief systems dictate that all life on earth is worth saving both for its intrinsic worth and because humanity is a dependent part of the whole. Further, as humans we carry a greater responsibility to nurture and safe guard our home as a moral imperative and / or an act of reverence. This we do on behalf of ourselves, the more vulnerable “others” and future generations. Our actions since the industrial revolution create an existential threat to our home - this rare and fragile biofilm surrounding planet earth. Therefore, we are obligated as moral and spiritual beings to act now to halt the impending climate catastrophe and mitigate its impact on all life.
By answering the question: “How has your faith and/or core beliefs led you to advocate for the environment (become a climate activist)?” contributors inspire others to take action. The unifying messages being communicated are:
    • “Get Going Now” - A call to people of faith and good intentions to engage in environmental activism now.
    • “Keep On Keeping On” - An encouragement to those already putting their shoulder to the plough.
    • Sharing stories about how spiritual and moral beliefs have motivated people to become climate activists.
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